IFL: A Big Reform for a Big Mission.

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According to an article in the last COURIER IFL must be reformed. I agree. The difference between membership as individual member and branch’s or group’s member is, for me, very big. I’m member in IFL since 1992, and member in other international organisations. I think that IFL is so « decentralised ». I think ifs very important to have a general and worldwide listing of members, individual and members in branches or groups. To achieve this goal, computer system would be very interesting. Personal computer have standard system as DOS or BASIC, and we must have a standard listing with help of members who are interested by computer or professional in this subject.

To centralise the name of members with their interests would be a very important piece of information to ad . Just activities of IFL and to improve the « PEN FRIENDSHIP SERVICE » for example. In fact, this system is adopted by NEUROMEDIA International (association). And, even if the « PEN FRIENDSHW SERVICE » is free at IFL we must become as good as IPF International Pen Friendship which is charged service.

Concerning sending it’s very important to consider the cost of mail service. For example the cost of mail service in Germany is very high. Its lower in Great Britain. So we have best time to send COURIER or IC NEWS from GB.

The law is very important too. I think that many people in the world are interested to found a branch of EFL. So, if it's possible, the translation of IFL's constitution in their language would be very appreciated. Adaptation of this constitution with law of their country is a difficult work with the participation of embassies, but it's a work and a very necessary work, of lawyer.

I think that IFL needs all volunteers in all projects.

International non for profit making organisations as Y.I.W.0 or SCOUT succeed, so IFL is able to become better known and able to succeed too.


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