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Laurent (Lawrence) D. FAURE, was born on 1973 at Lyons (Rhone, France) and is French. He is master in private and notary law from the Law School of Jean Moulin - Lyons 3 University (Lyons, Rhone, France), and has an LL.M of European Studies of the University Center for European and International Research at Law and Economy Schools of Pierre Mendes France - Grenoble 2 University (Grenoble, Isere, France). He is practicing and is teaching law.

Internationalist and very involved in European Union, he is working on practice of private civil law, on the European law and on sociology.

He is the predisent of the consultative council of NEUROMEDIA INTERNATIONAL  since 1992. Itís the reason why he is interested by particular kinds of books and movies.  

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